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Jeg er stolt av å kunne tilby deg full service, fra start til slutt av din fotografiske opplevelse med meg. I tillegg til å levere digitale bilder, vil jeg gjerne hjelpe deg med å kunne vise portrettene dine hjemme, i form av kunsttrykk, slik at du og familien kan nyte og at portrettene dine er en del av familiens arv.


I take pride in being able to offer you a full service, from the start to finish of your photographic experience with me. As well as supplying digital images, I would love to help you to be able to display your portraits in your home, in the form of fine art prints, for you and your family to enjoy and for your portraits to be a part of your family's legacy.

Fotoprodukter priser hos meg.

Fotopapir/Large format prints

20x30                                                    900nok
30x40                                                    1200nok
40x60                                                    1400nok
50x70                                                    1800nok


Stacked Acrylic print (svart eller hvit)

20x20cm                                              1600nok
30x40cm.                                             2000nok
40x60cm                                              34000nok 



30x40cm                                               1200nok
40x60cm                                               1400nok


Digital filer.

per stk                                                    150nok
5 bilder                                                   600nok
10 bilder                                                1200nok
20+ bilder                                              2500nok
20+ (alle)                                             3000nok 

Large Format Prints.

These professional Large Format Prints Basic are printed on 200 gsm paper.

paper prints example.webp
stacked acrylic WD.jpg

Stacked acrylic print

Acrylic print mounted and stacked onto an oversized MDF backboard to give a raised look and an optical frame.


A gallery wrapped stretched canvas has the picture flowing around the frame sides. It’s ready to hang on the wall. Mounted on a solid wooden frame and available in different sizes.

Canvas example.webp

Bestillingsgebyret sikrer din dato, og bestilling hos meg.

Det er ikke-refunderbart, men foranderlig




The booking fee secures your date, and booking with me.

It is non refundable but changeable. 



If one of my packages is not quite what you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact me, then we can discuss and adapt the photography to fulfill your wishes.

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